HONK! Hello Goose Chicks! First thank you for trusting me with this preorder! It is so helpful in getting this project off the ground so we can get all Goose Chicks beanies. Here are the details!


This is a PREORDER. Beanies will take 4-5 weeks to be delivered. (approx. 3 weeks for tags to get to me) Which is the perfect timing with the launch of Goose's new album Dripfield on June 24th!


Beanies are made from acrylic yarn and faux leather tags.


Color options for these beanies are inspired by Dripfield! Plus our OG neon orange of course!






-neon orange


All preorders with come with EXTRA GIFTS to thank you for order early and being patient. 


PLEASE NOTE: KBD mustard tag will not be on final product. "Goose Chicks" logo will be the only tag


Goose Chicks Beanie