A New Light Beanie


-100% acrylic

-One Size: Adult

-5% from beanie sale will be donated to Loveland Foundation*

-Inspired by Goose, the band, and our growth as we come out of the pandemic

-Made with knit machine


2020 and COVID-19 brought some dark times for so many, myself included. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into my love of music even if we couldn't see it in person. Goose is one of the obsessions that grew for me during quarentines. 


This beanie is crafted in honor of the struggles we all faced and to celebrate the NEW LIGHT we are seeing as live music is coming back to us.


*Loveland Foundation is a nonprofit that aids in making therapy and counseling services more accessilble to Black women and girls. Mental Health advocacy is very important to me. Goose has helped my mental health through their talents and I hope to help others through mine. Your purchase is greatly appreciated on so many levels! <3 


A New Light Beanie